Twinkle Star Dance

Increase enrollment, retention, and bring in additional revenue dollars for your studio with Twinkle Star Dance!

This preschool age video-based dance curriculum is key to ensuring the long term success of your studio's dance program. Your teachers will love it, your dancers will beg to come back for more, and the parent satisfaction will increase to make running your studio a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for you.

Revolution Dancewear is the official provider of dancewear and costumes for the Twinkle Star Dance curriculum. We have a wide range of perfectly paired options from class to recital.



Adorable costumes perfectly curated to create a spectacular recital from planning to performance.

From leotards to shoes your little darlings will twirl their way from Twinkle Babies to Junior Jazz.

As a Twinkle Star Dance Subscriber you get:

  • 5% discount on dancewear
  • $2 off Curtsy costumes
  • And much much more!

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