Sales Tax Questions


Revolution was required to start charging sales tax on July 1, 2019 to states that have enacted Economic Nexus Laws. Questions? We are here to help!


Do you already charge your customers sales tax for dancewear and costumes?

Yes. Make sure you are registered with your state as a re-seller. They should have provided you with an exemption or resale certificate. Submit that certificate to us (see submission process below) and you will not be charged sales tax on your orders.

No. No worries! You have two options:

    • Option 1: Pay sales tax on your orders from Revolution and Tenth House.
    • Option 2: Apply for a re-seller certificate or exemption with your state. Once received, submit to us (see submission process below) and you will not pay sales tax.

We understand this is new and you may have further questions. Please see below for FAQs, and contact your accountant to answer any additional or specific questions you may have!


Do you have a re-seller certificate or exemption?

Yes. Please make sure the following fields are populated correctly on your form:

    • Your Name
    • Company Address
    • Customer ID#
    • Signature/Title

No. The process of obtaining a certificate varies by state. Check with your accountant or tax advisor for the process that applies to your state. Some states provide these forms to you automatically each year, while others require that you apply for a certificate. Once you have obtained your certificate, please attach it to an email as a PDF and send it to with the subject line: Sales tax resale/exemption certificate. They will follow up if any more information is necessary and will attach your certificate to your Revolution account.


Are you already a non-profit/501c3? 

While you have tax exempt business status, you will still need to submit your certificate or business documentation to us if your state requires them. Some states automatically consider 501c designated organizations as exempt and do not require a certificate to be filled out at all. Check with your accountant or tax consultant on the rules in your state.

Is your studio in Canada?

This is only applicable to specific states in the U.S. All Canadian duties and taxes are calculated automatically at checkout for our Canadian customers.

My state doesn’t charge sales tax.

You are in luck, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you sell dancewear and or costumes through Nimbly?

You are in luck, we take care of everything for you. The customer pays sales tax at checkout and we handle the rest.

What about dancewear or costumes required as a uniform?

Are they taxed? Please contact your accountant, each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to which items are taxable and which are exempt.


1. Please email our account services team at

2. Listen to our podcast, "Make Sense of Sales Tax". In this episode we speak with Jessica Scheitler, founder of Financial Groove, an international entertainment accounting industry leader over the last decade. Offering accounting and tax expertise for entertainers, Financial Groove bridges the gap between creativity and business.