Your Dancewear Sales Toolbox

Dancewear Toolbox

Selling dancewear is easy when you've got the right tools!

Ο  Shoe Sizing Kits - 25 different kits available; each features a size run of single left shoes you can use for try-on purposes.

Ο  Try-On Socks - Highly recommended for use with Shoe Sizing Kits.

Ο  Leotard Sizing Kit - Expanded to include nine black tank leotards, one in each size, for try-on purposes.

Ο  Value Packs - Combine shoe sizing kits with tights sampler and leotard sizing kit for even greater savings!

Ο  Tights Sampler - Create a library in your studio of our tights offerings. Includes all colors, sizes and styles.

Ο  Tights Color Ring - A ring of tights fabric swatches featuring every color we sell.

Ο  Printable Student Order Form - Customizable form you can use to record student orders.

Ο  New! Printable Product Sheets - Sales sheets for each of our dancewear products that don't include prices.

Ο  Authorized Dealer Sticker - Door sticker tells your customers you're a Revolution retailer.

Ο  Printable Dancewear FAQ - Print-ready sheet of dancewear purchasing FAQs to use in your studio.