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Located in a 12,000 square foot historic building in the heart of downtown Winchendon, Nancy Bonnano’s Dance Center is home to some 300 dancers studying ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, modern and musical theater. “But ballet is really the foundation of the program,” Nancy says. “Everything else derives from it.

One peek into the upstairs ballroom confirms this. The dancers are hard at work at the barre under the watchful eye of their instructor. Their discipline is apparent, in both their unmitigated focus and their neat appearance. Everybody wears tights and leotards in coordinated colors.

Getting the right wardrobe is easy since Nancy devotes a good section of her main floor studio space to a dancewear store. She stocks the store with Revolution shoes, leotards, tights, wraps and dance skirts, along with branded t-shirts, warm-up pants and jackets – all in shades of pink and black.

“The branded clothing is great advertising for us,” Nancy says. “But everything else comes from Revolution. Their customer service is excellent and my students love the products.” The revenue generated from dancewear sales helps to cover the overhead associated with maintaining this large, historic space.

“We do everything in pink and black here. The dress code helps to eliminate distraction and keeps the dancers looking very professional.”

— Nancy Bonnano, Owner, Artistic Director

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The store at The Dance Center is one other studios would envy. It's large enough to accommodate a generous inventory of dress-code compliant dancewear, and its attractive decor invites traffic in off the street, too. “I used some fabric to dress the shelves and a cute pink rug to define the try-on area,” says Nancy. “It didn't take much to create an inviting space, and it's definitely paid off."