Sizing Kits

Revolution's Sizing Kits ensure a perfect fit every time.

Our value-priced sizing kits consist of a "size run" of single left shoes, which you can use to help students get a perfect fit every time. Sizing kits save space and preserve your working capital since they eliminate the need for inventory.

Our sizing system is based on women's street shoe sizes. Convert children's and men's sizes to this scale by adding two sizes to their street shoe size. While we aim for consistency across all of our shoe styles, differences in design and materials may lead to fit variances. Sizing kits are recommended to prevent ordering errors.

Shoe Sizing Kit Styles and Pricing

Sizing kits include whole sizes only. To check which styles come in both whole and half sizes, visit their product pages.

Note: X-large sizes are available to add to your sizing kits. They're priced individually, should you wish to extend the kits you already own.