Q&A with Encore Dance Centre

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Q. When did you start selling Revolution Dancewear to your students?

A. While our studio has been around for 30 years, we just started selling dancewear last fall.


Q. How come?

A. We were looking for ways to grow. Our productions are incredibly elaborate and, as a result, expensive. We were looking for business opportunities that would generate revenue to help cover the ever-increasing costs of costumes, sets, staging and the like.


Q. How did you arrive at dancewear sales?

A. It was the obvious choice. We were sending our students to a dance store in the area and we knew we could provide the same or better choices at a competitive price. We found Revolution Dancewear online and were really impressed with the offerings. And there was no risk.


Q. Why’s that?

A. Well, we didn’t have to order a bunch of inventory. We just ordered one of each of the products we wanted to sell and created a display in our lobby. Then we took orders from our students, collected the money, and ordered only what we needed from Revolution.Encore Dance Lobby


Q. Do parents mind waiting for their merchandise?

A. So far, we’ve been placing orders on a bi-weekly basis and we generally receive the merchandise within three days. The 2-day air option is convenient for us when we have smaller orders, and parents don't usually mind having to wait for shoes. They love the added convenience of purchasing product while at their lessons, and not having to drive to a dance store to get what they need. Plus, our prices are lower than retail, which they also appreciate.


Q. What about sizing? How do you handle that?

A. We use the Revolution sizing kits. They contain one shoe in every size so you can use them for try-on purposes. It’s really very easy. They have them for leotards too.


Q. Do you have a dress code at Encore?

A. We’ve always had a dress code for our ballet classes, but it’s so much easier to enforce now that the products are right here. And the kids are looking more and more uniform as time goes by.


Q. Why’s that?

A. Well, they’re all buying their dancewear at the same place now! We didn’t force everyone to buy new stuff at the start because some of the already had what they needed. But as things wear out or the kids outgrow them, parents are replacing everything with Revolution. We’re seeing more consistency in colors and styles. The teachers love it!


Q. Any plans to expand the program?

A. Absolutely. We’ve added several new products since we started. We’re selling skirts now and we plan to add more products each season.


Q. Thanks for talking with us. Anything you’d like to add?

A. We can’t wait for TapTap. We’ve heard about the program that will let us create an online store where our customers can order directly and we won’t have to process payments. It sounds great and we’re really excited.


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