Introducing REV UP BRANDS


When Revolution Dancewear first began operating out of a suburban Chicago basement in the spring of 1996, we could hardly envision the global company we would be today.

Through a combination of hard work, smart acquisitions and amazing employees, we are now an entity marketing multiple brands across several continents and providing a range of products and services to dancers across the globe.
Our current holdings include: 

A complete line of dancewear, costumes and footwear sold exclusively to dance studios throughout the US and Canada.

An online resource for dance studio owners, designed to nurture their passion and help them succeed in business.

An elite stagewear line that helps dedicated dancers take their performance to the next level. Trend setting designs by the industry's top celebrity dancers.

A European brand of high quality dancewear, sold exclusively through Dance Direct.

A British online retailer of dance apparel sold exclusively to European customers.

In the past, when we had something to say, it was pretty easy to communicate from within the various channels we have already established – Revolution Dancewear might send you an email, or might post something on its Facebook page. But as we grow, we’re finding that there are times when we want to share a message that relates to more than one of our brands.

Thus, REV UP BRANDS was born.
We’re not new. We’re the same people behind the familiar brands you’ve known all along. Now we have a name for the company that holds us all together.
And we just wanted to say Hello.