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Dance Dimensions doesn’t have space for a studio store, but they still sell lots of dancewear. Emily keeps a small supply of dance basics like tights and popular leotard styles on hand, but for the most part, she uses sizing kits to properly fit each student before they order.

Emily holds regular Sizing Nights, where she artfully displays at least one of every item she sells on tables in the studio. Parents and students drop by to see what’s required for class and to get fitted. It’s a very successful program that has all her dancers looking great.

Dance Dimensions 1Eight years ago, Emily Bernazzoli graduated from college and came back to her hometown to open a dance studio. Armed with a B.A. in Dance, a B.S. in Elementary Education and an additional license in Dance Education, she was a woman with a mission: To provide dance education in a positive and encouraging, yet disciplined environment where young students gain an appreciation of dance, build self confidence and accomplish their personal goals.

Emily was particularly interested in catering to the needs of young dancers. She quickly established an Early Childhood Program where 3-6 year olds could learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners, improve body control, balance and coordination, and learn elementary positions.

To create a disciplined dance environment, Emily believes a strict dress code is essential. Untied shoes, itchy fabrics, hair that keeps falling down — these are distractions that can be easily avoided. Wanting to make the purchase process as easy and affordable as possible, Emily turned to Revolution Dancewear. She’s never looked back. Her students love the line, especially the little ones for whom the pink dance skirts and dresses are a ballerina’s dream come true. And Emily? “Selling dancewear is good business as it is convenient and affordable for my customers,” she says. "I take a modest mark-up to cover my time and effort. But it makes a significant difference to my bottom line.”

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“My classroom assistant used to spend half of class time tying my students’ shoes. Revolution’s no-tie ballet shoes are a must for little dancers!”

— Emily Bernazzoli, Artistic Director