CPISA Product Safety

Dear Revolution Customer:

As many of you are aware, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently enacted new safety regulations for apparel worn by children ages 12 and under. We believe that this may include all child costumes sizes extra-small child through extra-extra-large child (XSC-XXLC).  While these regulations are under constant review and reconsideration by the CPSC, we continue to inspect and test our products to ensure safety even with the understanding that some rulings may be reversed or modified at a future date.

You may have seen news reports detailing the considerable confusion and expense that these new regulations are causing to small and independent businesses, resale stores, etc.  Unfortunately, the impact these rulings may have on the recital costume industry is no different.

Revolution began testing for lead content long before this became such a publicized issue.  Our testing conducted to date has demonstrated that all materials and trims, including our garment bags and hangers, are well below the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s lower lead limits that took effect February 10, 2009. Through our testing, we will continue to monitor our products to ensure the highest level of safety as we await further clarification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Thank You,
The Revolution Production Team 

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