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Studio Spotlight: Premiere Dance & Performing Arts in Stanwood, WA

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About Becky Fuentes, Studio Owner

Becky started dancing when she was three years old and danced all the way through high school, taking every genre of dance she could. She continued dancing through college and started teaching 17 years ago. She worked for a number of studios in her area, including a friend’s studio, where Becky had been coaching their competition teams. About one year ago, her friend decided to move on to a studio further away, and Becky ended up without space for her competition team to practice. After some trouble trying to find rental rehearsal space, and with a little inspiration and encouragement from her team, Becky decided to open Premiere Dance & Performing Arts. While starting something new is always scary, Becky was excited to do something that would challenge her – and it has paid off!

About Premiere Dance & Performing Arts in Stanwood, WA

Premiere Dance opened in August of 2012 with seven students and four staff members. Less than a year later they have 100 students and 10 staff members walking through the doors every week. Premiere offers ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, rhythmic acro, conditioning, adult ballet and jazz, theatre, vocal training, pre-ballet, ballet/jazz and ballet/tap combo classes, and dance summer camps. They also have guest teachers come in to offer ballroom and zumba classes open to all ages.

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Their competition teams compete in modern, lyrical, ballet, jazz and contemporary. Next year they hope to add hip hop, and boys to their team.

Premiere Dance is proud of their experienced and energetic staff who have strong performing arts backgrounds and experience working with children. From a masters in teaching, to a former Disneyland performer, the teachers come from very well rounded backgrounds.

Other things that make Premiere unique are their stage-sized studios, in-house dancewear boutique, and birthday parties! Not to mention, they were recently named one of the “Best of Western Washington” top 10 dance schools.

We asked Becky what she has learned so far about running a studio that would help inspire other studio owners.

Since opening her studio Becky has realized how powerful social media is. She posts photos several times a week to her studio’s Facebook page, and is able to keep in touch with her students and their parents that way. She loves seeing the additional interaction and excitement that Facebook brings to her studio community.

Becky says she also owes a lot of her success so far to word of mouth. When you run a great studio, people talk about it. You can tell how much Becky’s students and their parents love Premiere Dance by how they are expressing their love to others.

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Premiere Dance Community Involvement

The studio has a great time doing performances within the community, and believes that every child deserves a chance to dance. Premiere is proud to be involved and they do several things on a regular basis such as:

  • Performances at senior homes
  • Performances at restaurants, local businesses, summer camps, events, etc.
  • Donations to local non-profits, including to moms groups and foster children, that include dancewear and gift certificates for free dance classes.
  • Cross promotions with different businesses in the community

We asked Becky why she loves going to work every day.

Becky loves seeing the positive impact she makes on children’s lives every day, and what she gets in return from them. She states, “When you teach, you get so much more in return, and you feel like it’s more than you could ever give the kids.”

Drawing by a Premiere Dance student. 

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Becky also raved about her amazing staff, and believes she could never run her studio as well if she didn’t have such great people working for her. Every day whether it’s for a lifelong goal, or just an after school activity, they are inspiring kids to do something fun which is so important. She loves seeing the positive impact they have not only on their students, but on each other too. They are great friends who truly support one another!

What do your students learn at dance that impacts their lives?

  • Becky believes in teaching her students that dance is a team sport. Sometimes dance can feel like an individual sport, but it is really important that the dancers learn to support each other in everything they do.
  • Determination! Once you set a goal and have someone to help you get there, you can not fail. Becky opens doors and offers every opportunity she can for her students. The most important thing she teaches them is that she can open the door, but they have to have the determination to walk through it themselves.
  • Lastly, she teaches them how to take care of themselves and be healthy, the benefits of which can last a lifetime.

It’s no surprise Premiere Dance & Performing Arts was recently rated one of the top 10 dance schools in western Washington! Learn more about Becky’s studio by visiting them on Facebook, or on their website.