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Enter Our Grand Opening Sweepstakes!

Posted June 28, 2011 in News & Updates

In celebration of our new website, we’re giving away up to $5,000 in free dancewear! All you have to do is enter our Grand Opening Sweepstakes by entering the code ‘NEWREVWEB’ between Friday, July 1 and Sunday, July 3. You could win up to $5,000 in free dancewear — enough to outfit your entire studio for a year!


  • Enter the code via the link below anytime between Friday, July 1 at 8:00 am CST and Sunday, July 3 at 11:59 pm CST. One winner will be drawn at random at close of Sweepstakes. Once you enter the code you will be asked to fill out your name, affiliated dance school/studio, contact phone number and email. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
  • Winner will win dancewear for their studio for the entire 2011-2012 season — up to $5,000 in product value. Credit must be used by June 1, 2012.
  • Link:  Thank you for your interest in our Grand Opening Sweepstakes – the contest period for entries is now over. We will announce the winner soon!



Janet Cripe says:
Jul 01, 2011

Congrats to everyone at Revolution!! You have grown to be a favorite among dance studios all over the world!!

So happy that I can count on a company to come up with amazing costume designs at an affordable price! You have sored to new heights and I couldn’t be happier for you!!


Dianna D Pfaff says:
Jul 01, 2011

Congratulations on the new web site !

revdance says:
Jul 01, 2011

Thank you Dianna!

revdance says:
Jul 01, 2011

Thanks so much Janet!

Lisa says:
Jul 01, 2011

We love the Revolution company you have beautiful costumes and your people are easy to work with. Congrats!

Jeanne says:
Jul 01, 2011

Congratulations, Revolution!! You truly are a great costume company and have improved yourself quickly over the past couple years!!

Our tutus go off to you!!!

The Dance Academy

Eleanor says:
Jul 01, 2011

Dear Revolution, I feel like family lol I have been counting down via Facebook and my email until your fabulous new site arrives and I must say well done! It looks amazing and with all the new products! Congratulations all the hard work it has paid off. Wow I didnt think our favorite Revolution could get any better.. I was sure wrong!

Beverly says:
Jul 01, 2011

Woohoo!!! Love the new website! A BIG Congrats to all of you at Revolution Dancewear!

Jennissa Asay says:
Jul 01, 2011

Beautiful work! Thanks for the inspiration for a new season!

Teresa Forrester says:
Jul 01, 2011

I’m looking forward to using your new site. God Bless!

Jane O'Donnell says:
Jul 01, 2011

Congratualtions on your new website, and for becomming one of the best companies around for dancewear and costumes!

kinderstudios says:
Jul 01, 2011

Thank you so much for great quality and choice. I use Revolution Dancewear to uniform my studio of 200 children. Thank you!

Deborah Ryan says:
Jul 01, 2011

Looking forward to on line serive.

Karyn Simon-Poland says:
Jul 01, 2011

Brava on your lovely new website! I have come to rely on your comp[any for beautiful classical ballet costumes, twice yearly. We just finished Sleeping Beauty, and everyone loved all the Revolution costumes — very professional-looking! Now, looking forward to Nutcracker!
Karyn Simon-Poland
Director, Woodlands Civic Ballet

revdance says:
Jul 01, 2011

Thanks everyone for your kind words and congratulations! We are excited to be able to connect with you here!

Crystal Bartolacci says:
Jul 01, 2011

Congratulations Revolutions!!! I remember calling to place my order and having in depth conversations with Dave many years ago when Revolutions just started. He was always friendly and couldn’t wait to get input to help the company grow and to meet the needs/wants of the customers. It is a pleasure to see the growth and continued professionalism over the years…with every year getting better!!! And, although the company is bigger, there is still a friendly voice on the other line whenever I call. Thank you for years of fantastic service. And, I look forward to many more!!
Crystal Bartolacci
Crystal’s School Of Dance

Dorothy says:
Jul 01, 2011

I have been a customer of Revolution since they started and so thrilled that they have blossomed into all other areas of dance products. Especially now their costumes! WOW My staff actually argues over who “called” which costumes for their classes first. Plus their low prices, quality, & presentation by packaging make it so easy for us to actually make a profit! It is kind of hard to tell a parent they are going to pay $60.00 for a costume that comes scrunched up in a bag. I am so excited to hear that they have come up with an abundance of new styles! Customer service is exceptional and everyone is personal & friendly! I love you guys!

Kelly Pfeiffer says:
Jul 01, 2011

Website looks awesome! Thanks for making affordable, well made costumes. Parents love the packaging. I appreciate how quickly you send out costumes and how nice the staff is when answering questions and taking orders. You Rock!
Kelly Megleo-Pfeiffer
Megleo’s School of Dance

Jacie White says:
Jul 01, 2011

I love the 2011-2012!!! Both my parents and students will be so happy!! I have been teaching 42 years and your costumes, prices, quality, and customer service is outstanding. Thank you for inspiring me for my upcoming season!

Donna Carbone says:
Jul 01, 2011

Bravo! What a beautiful website, congratulations! The 2012 collection is as beautiful as ever. My students and parents as well as my teachers just love your costumes! We all appreciate the pricing and my staff LOVES the way they are packaged. The quality and good service makes it a pleasure to do business with you! Thank you, Revolution!

Judy Brondon says:
Jul 02, 2011

Love your website and LOVED YOUR COSTUMES THIS YEAR! They were of great quality great prices AND PACKAGED FABULOUS!!!!

Thank you for all your integrity in the business!!!!

Debra Pumphrey says:
Jul 02, 2011

Loving the new costumes! Your staff is always so pleasant and helpful. Thanks for making costume shopping so easy! Congratulations!

linda feterl says:
Jul 02, 2011

we would not like to have to run the studio without you. Your staff is ALWAYS cordial and fun to work with…..remember when the owner called me years ago and talked me into trying his shoes…never went back thanks for all you do

Theresa L. Baker says:
Jul 02, 2011

Nice job, Revolution! Your company continues to impress and amaze me … Service, Value and Quality … what more could a dance studio ask for?! Congrats on the new website!

Justine Stewart says:
Jul 02, 2011

Really appreciate the quality and promptness you get from Revolution! Fantastic company!

Penny Knox says:
Jul 02, 2011

We have been buying from Revolution for the past 5 years. No one comes close to the value and quality! Keep up the good work!!

Joan Zuehlke says:
Jul 03, 2011

Best in the industry.Pricing is affordable, Packaging excellnt and quality of material excellent. you give us the little things that make it even better then the rest. Good luck and Thank You.
Joan Zuehlke

Colleen Gunn says:
Jul 03, 2011

Revoltion dance wear (especially the body suits and tights) are the #1 selling source for us at my dance school. Godd Luck to all involved and Thank You for the chance to enter!

Michelle Hanson says:
Jul 03, 2011

Revolution is the best in the dance industry! From the costumer service representatives, the ordering process, hours of operation to help out us West Coasters, the quality of product from the fabrics to the seamstress work to the packaging. It all comes together to make you the BEST! Revolution is the #1 company we order our costumes from, 100% of our costumes came from Revolution and we love them!! Thank you!

Michelle Hanson
Project Dance of Orange County
(Dance Program at Camp Pendleton Marine Base-San Onofre)

Natalie Murillo says:
Jul 04, 2011

Love your New Website!

Kate says:
Jul 04, 2011

Congrats on your new website! Love the elegance and inspiration you’ve brought to the floor. :)

revdance says:
Jul 05, 2011

Congratulations to Sandra Jones and The Dance Studio for winning our Grand Opening Sweepstakes of up to $5,000 in dancewear!

Sheree' Grose says:
Jul 06, 2011

Great Job on the new website! We are so lucky to have a company like yours to buy from!

Pamela Frasca says:
Jul 20, 2011

My daughter dances at Fontaine Academy in Duxbury, MA and we use all your products and costumes. This was my forst year as a dance mom and I am so happy with the quality of all of your products! I cant wait until the online shopping opens to stock up on dancewear for the fall! Thank you so much, the new site is gorgeous!

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