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Get All the Details on Latest Color-Flow Tights Options

Posted February 5, 2018 in News & Updates


From impeccable dress codes in the studio, to polished performances on stage, Revolution’s got you covered. We’ve been working to expand our tights color range for more exact tights- to-shoe combinations—striving for that matchy-matchy perfection that will make your next performance just that much more stunning.


Check out our updated Classic Pink and new Natural colors. Both are fantastic updates to the growing Color-Flow spectrum. Want to see the entire range of colors in person?

Get your new FREE Tights Color Ring today!

Attention to detail matters, and that’s why we took a closer look at our original Classic Pink tights. We made a color shift so they’re even more perfectly paired with all of our Classic Pink shoes. You’ll find that this new and improved shade of Classic Pink has a pinch more pink so that it matches our Classic Pink leather and canvas shoes more accurately.

If you are currently a Classic Pink customer who wants to stick with the original color, no worries! Just order our new color Natural. Make sure you get your new Tights Color Ring so you can see them in person and make the decision that is right for your dancers. All our tights colors are in stock and ready to ship today. You can shop right now.

Here’s a helpful guide when shopping for perfect shoe and tights pairings:


If you are new to selling tights at your studio, welcome!

Everyone needs tights. And it’s one of the easiest ways to bring in some extra cash for your studio. Our tights voucher program is the best deal in the industry. When you spend $100 on tights in a single order you’ll receive a $50 credit.*

That’s makes our tights the most competitively priced out there, but don’t take our word for it. Find out just how much extra revenue you can earn by selling Revolution tights to your students for dress code and performances. Our profit calculator below is based on the actual profit you earn above your cost. Simply select the number of students enrolled at your studio, the number of tights you sell to each student over the course of a year and discover how to give a big boost to your studio profit:



*Credits must be used by 6/30/18. If redeemed for merchandise totaling less than $50, the remainder of the credit shall be forfeited. Credits will be issued within 5 days after tights purchase. Credits can’t be used towards shipping charges or taxes. Can’t be combined with any other offer.

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