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Why do you dance?

Posted July 1, 2011 in Dance Inspiration

Did you get a chance to see the video featuring our new Dancewear Collection? We know how dancing makes us feel, but we want to know how it makes YOU feel. Why do you dance? Just leave a comment below, we’d love to hear. And we may choose some answers to feature on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


c kuehn says:
Jul 03, 2011

“I feel the music deep inside and love to have the movement find its voice”. Helping young children love to dance will help them stay in the dance world, which will give them multiple possibilities as they find themselves and their choice of activities .Children without dance( I have found) as a base are not able to take advantage of as many activities as dancers. Young children loving dance also seem to have a strong self esteem and side step poorer choices that they could take. I love to hear them say as they leave the stage,”That was fun! When can we go on the stage again!!”

April says:
Jul 06, 2011

Dance sets me free! When I walk into the dance studio I cant help but have a smile on my face. Everything bad in my day dissapears and pure joy fills my body. That feeling is why I dance.

Isha says:
Jul 19, 2011

I dance because it takes my mind and body both working together. To me dance is something that never gets easier but the joy and the passion for it comes in the hard work the achieve something through dance everyday.

Jessica says:
Jul 19, 2011

Dance allows me to be completely in the moment and present with myself. I can express through dance what I can’t express in words.

Shannon says:
Aug 03, 2011

I dance because there is no other feeling like it. I dance because the second I step foot on the stage I feel at home. Because when I’m dancing every care in the world completely disappears. Because I am so strong yet so vunerable at the same time. I dance because it is the only thing in my life that utterly and truely belongs to me.

Kell says:
Aug 10, 2011

I dance becuase i can express myself. When I step on stage I feel like everything in the world thats bpthering me just, disapeers. The stage is my home!!!! Everytime dance sign ups come i take all the classes i can. Dance is my passion!!! When I’m older i want to own a dance studio and have all the students feel the way I feel

B says:
Nov 11, 2011

Dancing is my voice. I dance to be heard. I dance because I am free. I dance to feel the music surge through my body. I dance because I am me, :)

Michelle says:
Mar 12, 2012

I dance to silence the world around me. To feel as though I belong to the music and the space that it envelopes. I dance to be absorbed into the universe, to be set free.

Emily Jenks says:
Mar 19, 2012

I dance to live because I live to dance.

Michelle says:
Jun 06, 2012

I dance for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He made me, & He made me to dance!

Haley K. says:
Jun 07, 2012

I dance for Jesus Christ and I dance to praise him and minister to other people about him.

Donna G. says:
Aug 23, 2012

I’ve been told; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Fact is we live in a dark, ugly world. Dance allows me to remain quiet but continue to fight for what I believe in, making statements that may not be NICE but necessary without saying a word. It opens doors to creativity and learning, gives children the chance to unleash both their own new talent and voice, and opens avenues for ideas and opinions that are otherwise lost in the shuffle of society to be heard loud and clear. Dance gives me more than a voice… it is a mobile art museum with the impact of a billboard. I can be loud, free, weightless, painless and anyone I want to be anytime my body starts to move… that’s why I DANCE.

edna says:
Oct 09, 2012

when i am dancing it allows me to be myself. dancing is my passion and i do not know what i would without dance. i can’t bare to go without dance. when i am dancing i feel amazing. i love dance.

edna says:
Oct 09, 2012

that’s why I DANCE. 😀

A says:
Feb 09, 2013

I love to dance because it allows me to commune with God and pray in a way that I cannot get any other way. I can worship Him and cry out to Him when my words have gone dry. Through dance, I have the priviledge of helping others do the same. I really love music, but am not a musician. Dance lets me express my love of music and my love of dance all at the same time. It is an outlet for creativity and for expressing raw emotions without using words. I also love it because it brings beauty into a world full of discord.

dancer4life says:
Jan 16, 2014

when i dance i feel free

Hannah Weidner says:
Apr 12, 2014

My cousin tout me to dance when I was vary little like 3 or 4 and I have been dancing ever since. My Cousin has her own dance company.

Jill says:
Feb 25, 2015

I love to dance! Dancing makes me feel happy and I love doing it. I started dancing when I was 3 years old. That means that I have been dancing for almost 13 years and I will continue to do so. I love all types of dance: ballet, hip-hop ,modern but my favorite type is jazz. I take dance lessons three times a week. It’s a great feeling when you accomplish a new dance move. In may we will give a big show with all of our dance groups. I’m really looking forward to it. I love the feeling to dance on a stage and to show my parents and friends where I have worked on for a year.

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