About Revolution


In the beginning, we were revolutionary.

A dancewear manufacturer partnering exclusively with studios to sell shoes below retail? It was unheard of. But flash forward twenty years and here we are. Shoes, dancewear, costumes… we sell it all.

Since opening our doors in 1996, Revolution Dancewear has partnered exclusively with dance studios in the United States and Canada. Studio owners appreciate the extra income selling their own product generates, not to mention the greater control they have over what their students are wearing. Students and their parents like the convenience of shopping where they dance. And they LOVE the savings – as much as 50% below retail.

And us? We’re loving it! We get to spend our time creating awesome products dancers love. We work closely with you – people who share our passion for dance and all things dance-related. And we’re growing. We keep adding new products and improving the way we do business, all with the goal of giving you more options and making the selling process as easy as possible. Through our Dance Direct brand in the UK, France and Germany, we now offer Revolution products to European dancers and dance school owners in addition to an array of other top brands. For more information about Dance Direct, visit www.dancedirect.com.